German broadcasters ARD and ZDF have officially launched a joint streaming network which allows viewers to watch their shows on either of their platforms.

Both platforms now offer common search and recommendation technologies as well as a combined library of content.

5. German streaming

ARD and ZDF have launched a joint streaming network

For several months now, it has been possible to find and play content from both providers on their individual platforms, with ZDF content available in the ARD media library and vice versa.  

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This means users can easily watch content such as ARD hit series Babylon Berlin or ZDF’s heute-show, regardless of which media library they are currently in. 

ZDF director Dr. Norbert Himmler said: “The streaming network can now be experienced by users. It offers an easily accessible public service cosmos that combines high-quality content and responsible use of data and technology.” 

ARD chairman Prof. Dr. Kai Gniffke added: “We want people to be able to use the digital offerings of public broadcasting in Germany as easily and conveniently as possible. We offer more information, culture, entertainment and knowledge than any other streaming provider and it has never been easier to experience all of this.” 

As of this week both media libraries will mutually recommend content series, films, documentaries, information, culture, and science. 

Both broadcasters said they can envisage similar cooperation with other European public service partners. 

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