The IBC2021 Award for Best Technical Paper was presented to a large team from BBC Research & Development, for their contribution Stronger together: cross-service media recommendations. One of the authors, Hannes Ricklefs speaks to IBC Digital in this exclusive interview.

As Hannes described, the aim of the paper is to present consumers with a single portal to multiple media sites, with intelligent references between services. If a consumer frequently listens to a particular singer on Spotify, for example, the service would also send notifications when that performer is available on BBC radio and television content, available online.

Hannes Ricklefs

Hannes Ricklefs

Hannes Ricklefs said “We see the broadcast industry moving into the online space, going beyond television and radio.

“We’re grateful for this award because we hope that the blueprint we have described in the paper will be a catalyst for more innovation and development in this space.”

Watch the presentation and interview with BBC R&D’s Hannah Carter and Hannes Ricklefs on IBC Digital