IBC Digital continues to host discussions and presentations, and next week (17-21 January) the focus will be on IBC’s Accelerators and the subject of content supply chains.

On Monday 17th, three of the 2021 Accelerator projects will present their work so far, with discussions involving champions and participants.

11am (GMT) AI Bias Detection
Following on from the AI enabled Content Moderation Accelerator project of 2020, this Al Jazeera-led project returns with a new challenge that is essentially a continuation of the theme of content moderation, focused on a topic of significant reputational value to broadcasters; how to detect, measure and flag bias in the representation and portrayal of diverse genders, cultures and ethnicities, to ensure fairness and transparency in news reporting?

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Accelerators: AI Bias Detection discussion will take place Mon 17th at 11am

1pm 5G & Remote Production in Live Sport
The onset, rollout and continuing evolution of 5G has huge potential to help broadcasters accelerate their digitisation and transformation strategies and strengthen their market position right across the content value chain from production to distribution.

3pm Sustainability in Live Production
With climate change and the environmental impact of carbon emissions one of the hottest topics for every industry today, many broadcasters and production companies in the media sector have committed to some very ambitious sustainability objectives aimed at to reduce carbon footprints in emissions through remote productions, energy savings and offsetting carbon emissions.

  • For more information about all of the 2021 Accelerator projects and the 2022 call for innovation click here

On Tuesday 18th, Restructuring Business Models for VOD, AVOD and SVOD service providers with data will explore the use of data, including how the intelligent use of subscriber device telemetry can help inform the business strategy for content providers, how to increase operator revenue margins with the help of data analytics and how how data helps with lowering the carbon footprint. Speakers include Nadar Sarvanraja, OTT practice head at Tata Elxsi and Penny Westlake, Interra Systems director, Europe.

On Weds 19th at 11am, The Future of Content Aggregators and Cloud TV Service Providers will see senior directors from Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Screenhits, Kaltura and Commscope discuss the future of content aggregation and cloud TV, both from a big telco perspective but also from the perspective of a small/niche content providers. Some of the areas of discussion will include the need for super aggregators and the discovery of new content.

On 20th at 3pm, a session led by Dalet titled Integrated end to end Supply Chain in the Cloud and featuring 7fivefive will discuss how software-defined content supply chains are transforming for their joint customers. The presentation will include migrating and ingesting content to the cloud, how to efficiently manage productions, raw material, edits and metadata and insights on operating cloud based editing workflows.

And on Friday 21st at 11am The Business Case for Workflow Automation and Integration will explore how implementing automation can help reduce manual operation and decrease the level of human error, how automation helps generate new business and how implementing automation in news publishing can help speed up the approval process. The session will feature James Gilbert, Pixel Power CEO, Stefan Pfuetze, managing director and Regina Poniridis, research analyst.

Also on Friday 21st, at 2pm, a SMPTE-led session Media in the Cloud Agnosticism and Interoperability: Where We Stand Today will examine multi-cloud deployment. Specific topics include portability; challenges to overcome for interoperability; and potential risks of continued cloud incompatibilities. Panelists will discuss what moves are being made or should be made towards interoperable cloud technology, standards, practices, or other measures that allow users to choose the best of breed solution.

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