The first episode of The IBC Podcast features discussions with RTS Diversity Committee chair Angela Ferreira and Avid chief executive Jeff Rosica, as well as an introduction to the IBC Accelerators. 


In the first episode of the IBC Podcast, chair of the RTS Diversity Committee Angela Ferreira speaks about the challenges of creating a more inclusive industry. And she explains why its important to go beyond headline figures. 

“The industry needs to look at itself and ask who is making these programmes and films and telling these stories. Have we got fair representation of the population, yes or no?”

“For too long people have been able to muddy the waters about who they are employing…it is important to have representation but who is making the decisions? I am not interested in hearing endlessly about mentoring and shadowing schemes. Where is the retention and growth, and who is climbing the career ladder?

Also on the first episode, Avid chief executive Jeff Rosica explains why he thinks coronavirus has changed the way people make film and TV for good. And he speaks about Avid’s shift to a subscription model and reveals the firm’s top selling subscription products before sharing his thoughts on the barriers to adopting cloud-based infrastructure. 

And Mark Smith and Muki Kulhan provide an introduction to the IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme and explain why the likes of the BBC, Reuters and Al Jazeera have signed up to some of the problem-solving projects. 

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