Nine pitfalls of relying on FTP

file transfer

This paper asks why media organisations are still using FTP when it is ‘slow, unreliable and can leave a gaping security hole’.

Back in 1971, FTP was a groundbreaking invention. Today? Well, things have moved on. A lot.

Next-generation file transfer solutions exist, yet, surprisingly, media companies all over the world still use FTP to move today’s large video files. Slowly. Unreliably. And often, insecurely.

Read Nine Pitfalls of Relying on FTP to Move Large Media Files to learn:

  • Why FTP simply can’t keep up in an age of ever larger and more urgent file transfers
  • How the headaches from relying on FTP for delivering and sharing your files are only getting worse
  • Why deploying a better solution doesn’t have to mean jettisoning your familiar FTP folders and directory structures

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