LTN Global has agreed a multi-year deal with SportsGrid to provide advanced cloud-based automation products to optimise operational efficiency and dependability.

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LTN Global: SportsGrid programming includes expert commentary, real-time news, data, statistics and betting intelligence

LTN supports SportsGrid with automated production services, including the delivery of live programming support managed from its state-of-the-art production facility located in Kansas City, Missouri.

SportsGrid is the first 24-hour linear network streaming exclusive live fantasy sports and wagering coverage of all major sports and events. The network’s daily programming schedule combines expert commentary with real-time news, data, statistics and betting intelligence, distributed across XUMO, STIRR, Roku, Sling TV, Plex TV, Samsung TV Plus, MSG+ Network and Cox Media Group.

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LTN’s suite of communication and production tools virtually integrates the necessary functions for master control, allowing the entire SportsGrid production team to manage their live programming schedule.

SportsGrid delivers the network’s live streaming HLS video feed through a resilient low-latency IP connection from the cloud. The LTN platform leverages its low-latency transport network and cloud-based production infrastructure, providing SportsGrid with best practice production workflows, managed and monitored using proprietary software to deliver a scalable and dependable support service solution.

“We needed to deploy a transformative platform to efficiently and effectively produce daily live video programming from our studios and remotely during the pandemic. With 24 hours a day of nonstop sports betting coverage, the LTN platform gives us access to a powerful technology stack using cloud-based solutions.

”The platform integrates the newest features and specialised tools managed by an elite team of experienced professionals,” said Louis Maione, SportsGrid president and founder. “LTN provides SportsGrid with innovative visualisation tools to configure, manage and monitor live programming at scale across industry standards and protocols.”

LTN’s wide range of broadcast and digital services includes full production and master control, as well as remote and virtual production support. Additionally, LTN’s end-to-end video content ecosystem provides clients with ad enablement and metadata insertion, cloud-based routing of broadcast and digital content, and a multicast transport network.

“SportsGrid presented LTN with an opportunity to run a fully managed OTT network for the first time, delivering to a massive audience across ad-support OTT distribution platforms,” added Neil Harwell, co-general manager of LTN’s Create operation in Kansas City. “By leveraging LTN’s cloud-enabled IP video transport delivery services, content arrives on every platform in the SportsGrid network with ultra-low latency and ultra-high broadcast quality.”