Michael Burns

Michael Burns

Michael Burns has been a journalist and editor in the broadcast, film, design, and interactive sectors for the past 20 years. His work can be found in many print and online publications, and he has held senior editorial positions on the IBC Daily. As well as books published covering digital art and multimedia production, he regularly works as a copywriter for the film and broadcast sector, and occasionally as a producer for digital agencies and conferences.

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    Industry Trends

    Sustainability Focus: A paradigm shift for vendors


    How are vendors and manufacturers making sure their products and services support broadcasters, platforms and content creators in their efforts to make broadcast and film a more sustainable operation? Michael Burns finds those who serve the media industry are ready for climate action.

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    Industry Trends

    Making sense of metadata in the new world of content


    The huge demand for content on the ever-increasing array of platforms and services is being matched by an increasing reliance on the use of metadata by broadcasters and content producers to help them find, manage and monetise their content.

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    Industry Trends

    Meeting accessibility targets in a fast-moving world


    Broadcasters go above and beyond to ensure that they schedule enough programmes with subtitling, audio description and signing to exceed the targets of regulators. But how do they cope under the pressure of an audience constantly seeking news and new live experiences?

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    Industry Trends

    Behind the Scenes: Evil Genius 2 cinematic trailer


    The cinematic trailer for Rebellion Games’ Evil Genius 2 has all the humour and production values of a Disney Pixar movie, but the way it was created couldn’t be further from the traditional studio workflow. Michael Burns goes behind the scenes to find out how world domination was planned and ...

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    Industry Trends

    Analysis: Iyuno’s acquisition of SDI and the state of localisation


    The deal that turned lyuno-SDI Group into the largest international provider of localisation services for media and entertainment is the latest in a wave of mergers and acquisitions in a dynamic sector. Michael Burns takes a look at the deal in the context of a challenging market and finds out ...

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    Industry Trends

    Cutting the carbon cost of TV production


    With streaming platforms ever hungry for content, demand for TV and film production is set to increase at a phenomenal rate, but in the race to feed our binge-watching, we need to be aware of the impact this activity is having on the planet, writes Michael Burns.

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    Industry Trends

    IBC2021: Content Everywhere exhibitors offer welcome boost to media industry


    The Content Everywhere exhibition at IBC2021 promises to showcase some of the latest innovation in media, but the companies exhibiting in the zone are already powering ahead with breakthrough projects and technology.

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    Industry Trends

    Take your partners for the 5G revolution


    ViacomCBS has detailed eight key areas where 5G technology is likely to see a significant impact across the entertainment supply chain and market. Michael Burns explores how the media giant first hopes to get the telcos to buy into its vision of the next stage of mass consumer engagement.

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    Industry Trends

    How We Built It: hayu’s AWS-based data and personalisation platform


    OTT provider hayu has boosted its customer experience with tailored viewing recommendations using a system developed by Merapar that leverages machine learning algorithms.

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    Industry Trends

    Analysis: Inside Accedo’s acquisition of Hibox


    News this week that the video experience pioneer Accedo is set to acquire Hibox, a provider of advanced TV solutions, will impact on their hundreds of media, telco and cable operator customers worldwide. Michael Burns looks at how the move has potential not just to give smaller customers top tier ...

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    Industry Trends

    Post house innovation and artistry on an app


    Due to COVID-safe measures, remote workflows are a regular feature in today’s post production, but some facilities are taking it one step - or one app - further

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    Industry Trends

    How We Built It: Centroid’s performance capture facility


    A new performance capture facility in the heart of Soho means that visual storytellers will be able to combine visual effects and virtual production with world class video and audio post production.

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    Industry Trends

    CDNs: Building a better video experience


    Western European premium content owners plan to greatly accelerate their content distribution (CDN) workflows by 2022. With CDNs set to be the top media technology in the minds of enterprises, get prepared, and learn from the experiences of a panel of experts.

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    Industry Trends

    How MovieLabs aims to empower the creative process with software-defined workflows


    Software-defined workflows are a practical way to develop reusable components and to automate aspects of the workflow that are currently manual. How can this be applied to the highly creative film and TV industry? To find out, Michael Burns explores a new white paper from MovieLabs.

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    Industry Trends

    Addressable ads: Delivering a personalised viewing experience


    Addressable advertising is huge, promising greater engagement with viewers and therefore healthier return for advertisers than other forms of marketing, but it can still be rather mysterious for the uninitiated. Guided by a panel of experts, this webinar will help you explore the benefits, and the challenges, of addressable advertising, ...

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    Super-aggregation and cloud-powered IPTV: A case study


    With an increasing number of new entrants – and some failures – the pay-TV and OTT streaming markets are dynamic yet fragmented, while customer frustrations are rising. A timely online roundtable discussion on IBC365 makes for essential viewing for anyone interested in the IPTV and content sectors.

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    Android TV: Inside Google’s TV platform


    IBC recently gathered a panel of experts in the pay-TV field, including set-top box (STB) manufacturers and Android TV integrators, to explore and discuss the opportunities for pay-TV operators offered by Google’s platform. The discussion provided valuable insight into a market in the throes of transformation.

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    Industry Trends

    Arrow aims for AI innovation to break lockdown logjam


    The restrictions around filming this year have severely impacted the business of making television. Companies like Arrow International Media have been deploying AI solutions to not only tackle lockdown limitations but also benefit the business beyond COVID-19.

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    Industry Trends

    Broadcasters keep dancing to the tune of social media


    In a world filled with content it’s more important than ever for broadcasters to keep viewers engaged. A tried and tested to way to do this is through having a presence on social media. But how are broadcasters keeping up with the rapid pace?

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    Industry Trends

    Streamers strike tech balance for top quality experience


    With the vast increase in OTT and streaming services supplying a ‘captive’ audience during lockdown, and new streamers investing fortunes in the market this year, the battle for eyeballs is fierce. One of the deciding factors in this struggle is quality, but how do D2C services make sure that, whatever ...

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