Technical paper: Watch a presentation by the authors and read their technical paper on simulation environments for drone cinematography.

 Today it is hard to find a TV programme which does not include stunning aerial shots from drones. Recently, however, signal processing experts have become excited at the potential of using multiple-drone swarms to capture even more stunning 3D objects on the scale of cathedrals or even whole landscapes. ‘Photogrammetry’ on this scale poses complex problems of: flight planning, autonomous drone control, positional sensing (via GPS, barometer, accelerometer and compass), scene capture, surface modelling and data management - but fortunately, a new range of tools aims make the whole process comfortingly practical. Our exploration of the latest research in drone technology includes development of a simulation environment for scene capture and a multi-drone control dashboard for the production director. 

Presenter: Fan Zhang, University of Bristol 

Host: Dr. Nick Lodge, Lodgical Media 

Read the paper Technical Paper: A simulation environment for drone cinematography

Supporting paper A director’s dashboard for multiple drones live production