The subject of optimising streaming is discussed by Ali C. Begen in the paper ’Adaptive Streaming of Content-Aware-Encoded Videos in dash.js’ and by Will Law in ’Universal CMAF container for efficient cross-format low latency delivery’ and by supporting papers Selective storage: Store and deliver only what matters by Julien Le Tanou and Server-Side Client Synchronization for Watch Together Applications Using CMAF Low Latency by Patrick Gendron.

Streaming is ubiquitous and both bandwidth and storage hungry. In this session we focus on improvements to both of these challenges, a must for cost saving at scale.

Our first paper investigates, tests and provides an open-source solution that optimises viewer experience when adaptively streaming context aware encoded video, a particular challenge due to its bursty bit profile.

While our second paper addresses the storage challenge of supporting both HLS and DASH low-latency streaming, with clearly illustrated examples and experimental results. In our supporting papers we continue the optimisation theme as well as a seeking to address the “watch-together” synchronisation challenge.

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