The subject of orchestrated devices is explored by Hiroki Endo in the paper ’IoT-based Media Framework for Public Service Media: Expansion of Current Digital Broadcasting Systems’ and by Kristian Hentschel in the paper ’Producing immersive and interactive audio content with orchestrated personal devices’ and in the supporting paper by Regina Bernhaupt titled ’Social Control – Enabling control for groups of people.’

The number of devices in the modern home which are capable of reproducing media content is already considerable. However, a user will typically employ only one when enjoying a particular form of entertainment.

Suppose that all the devices in the home were connected and synchronised through an internet-of-things-type network; it would then be possible for the home to come alive, as the same entertainment could engage with multiple: screens, speakers, mobile phones, shaking sofas - even the domestic lighting and smart appliances. Of course, the concept of object-orientated media brings this orchestration idea closer to reality - as we shall see!

Orchestrated devices

Orchestrated devices

In this session, we shall hear how a prototype audio orchestration tool has been designed and trialled on several productions to evaluate the principle of creative orchestration; with extremely positive results. In a second presentation, intelligence within the home automatically orchestrates the incoming media across the available devices taking account of the content, the environment and the wishes of the user. Trials of this architecture will also be seen to exceeded the expectations of users.

Our supporting paper investigates the related challenge of orchestrating the desires of multiple users sharing devices.

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