IBC2022: This Technical Paper looks at the possibilities of 5G cameras deployed on a 5G S-NPN.


Live media content production usually requires deploying large amounts of equipment and crew at the event location or studio, all connected to the production facilities. The 5G-RECORDS project explores using 5G for an interconnected wireless system that simplifies logistics while still providing all functions needed for media production. The project has developed an architecture and new components for a multi-camera production, with 5G-enabled cameras deployed on a 5G S-NPN (Standalone Non-Public Network) and using an interoperability and standards-based approach. This architecture supports discovery, connection and management of the wireless cameras, enables control across multiple locations, minimises latency and seamlessly integrates with wired infrastructure.We argue that the opportunities offered by such use of 5G S-NPN bring broadcasters multiple benefits, which extend to cloud and hybrid production scenarios.


Media production has had wireless camera capabilities for over 50 years. During this time the industry has evolved to enhance quality and increase capacity used by these wireless links. The latest radio technologies promise high quality, low latency IP connectivity and broadcasters are exploring how this technology may be deployed in a modern studio environment.

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