Extended reality technologies have now reached a maturity where standards are being proven, applications (especially in sport) are being explored through sophisticated prototypes, and practical network performances are being assessed against the critical expectations of the human senses. This Techincal Paper session at IBC2023 took an exciting look at three of these developments, on 16 September at the Rai, Amsterdam. These four papers are available to download via the links below.

We begin with an explanation of the architecture and performance of a real-time platform which demonstrates the MPEG-I Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding (V3C) standard. This processes point-cloud, multi-view + depth and multi-plane image representations, and permits interoperability with a range of ‘ecosystems’ which support applications from free-viewpoint sport to telepresence.

Watch the IBC2023 session that presented these papers to delegates

Attention is then turned to the networks which must reliably stream up to 50Mb/s per immersive user. A proof-of -concept study will describe how network conditions such as jitter, lag and congestion are correlated with user experience data in order to guide the development of customised congestion control logic. The final presentation will thoroughly examine the use of virtual humans to reconstruct sporting events from any angle and with detail that would be impossible with traditional imaging. This ‘gamification’ offers enhanced flexibility for audience engagement and wide opportunities for production and game analytics.


Sanjay Mishra, Associate Fellow, Network Design - Verizon


Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra is an Associate Fellow for Network Infrastructure Planning & Design at Verizon. Sanjay is an accomplished telecommunications professional with background in systems development, network architecture and design for enterprise and public networks delivering video, data and voice services. His current focus includes design and deployment of edge-based technology platform for delivering streaming media for wireline and wireless networks. Sanjay’s other responsibilities include leadership and contributions toward the development of industry standards and technology solutions for Internet based streaming media. Sanjay currently co-chair’s Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Content Delivery Networks Interconnection (CDNI) working group and also co-chairs Immersive Video Study Group within the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA). Sanjay is also a designated Technical Fellow at SVTA. 

David Jorba, VP of Business Development - disguise


David Jorba

David Jorba has held various executive roles in the broadcast graphics and content production software industry. He started his career as a Creative Director at CNN, before moving on to Vizrt where he became President of their Americas division, then onto TVU Networks as EVP & GM for Europe. He has partnered with Polygon Labs for two years as Chief Commercial Officer before the company joined disguise. Today, David drives commercial and business development efforts for the disguise Broadcast division. 

Bart Kroon, Senior Scientist - Philips

Bart Kroon headshot

Bart Kroon


Muriel Deschanel, Director, Image and Data - B-Com

Access and download the papers:

IBC2023 Tech Papers: Optimising the Virtual Reality experience using a 360° view of client and network data

IBC2023 Tech Papers: Efficient Delivery and Rendering on Client Devices via MPEG-I Standards for Emerging Volumetric Video Experiences

IBC2023 Tech Papers: Using MetaHumans in Large-Scale Sports Production

IBC2023 Tech Papers: MPEG-I Scene Description: A Dynamic Scene Description Framework for Immersive Media


Muriel Deschanel IBC

Muriel Deschanel