Our focus is on supplying a turnkey, comprehensive solution for IPTV and OTT services that is also highly flexible, writes Cees van Versendaal, MwareTV.

What are the main challenges facing those tasked with creating and delivering content?

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Cees van Versendaal, MwareTV

The shift in the media industry means that there are now very many bodies competing for consumers. Alongside network operators and cable companies we see sports federations, houses of worship, educational bodies and businesses.

What unites them is that ‘broadcasting’ is neither their heritage nor their core activity. They want to get their content to their audience as simply and reliably as possible, with as little intervention as possible. Typically, these users are either the media owners and creators – who want to focus on the content – or they are network providers looking to maximise their revenues from bandwidth, with a management and engineering structure to operate data networks, not television.

MwareTV aims to lower the barriers for entry for all of these organisations. By providing a one-stop shop for every step of the content chain from management all the way to white label apps for all devices, we remove the obstacles from their path.

In particular, we make the technical decisions so they do not have to. Whether it is the streaming engine or content protection layer, we propose what best fits the service expectations. It is all delivered as a turnkey service through our cloud platform.

How is your company helping content owners and creators to overcome their challenges?

By providing a turnkey, comprehensive solution for IPTV and OTT services. But while it is a turnkey offering, that does not mean it is not flexible. The modular structure and cloud hosting means that each implementation is carefully constructed to meet the precise business needs of the individual user.

The architecture allows us to integrate our software with selected third-party products, like Irdeto for content protection or Akamai for streaming. These integrations sit under a common user interface providing access to all functionality, with a high level of automated support.

As well as the core services, we also offer apps for all the common platforms, including iOS, Android, TVOS, FireTV, Roku, WebTV and the various versions of Smart TV operating systems. These are supplied as white label apps, allowing every consumer-facing aspect of the system to reflect the service branding.

To help ISPs and telcos move into content delivery in an increasing number of markets worldwide, we are offering content licensing as part of the package. Ready access to relevant and engaging content means that service providers can quickly make the offering available to subscribers, with every aspect under one contract and one fee structure.

What are the main products and services you have launched this year?

MwareTV has been actively developing its software solutions for 10 years. Over that time we have built relationships with our users in every corner of the globe, and this practical feedback has allowed us to continuously innovate to meet the real demands of the marketplace.

That is why we are now introducing completely redesigned mobile apps. These take advantage of the latest advances in hardware to provide engaging, reliable and high quality services to the subscriber.

  • Cees van Versendaal is the COO at Mware TV

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