AI in broadcasting, blockchain and 5G were some of the topics explored during 2017 Tech Advances articles with cyber security and chat bots among the most popular. 

1) Artificial intelligence in broadcasting

Cinema, advertsing, linear TV or OTT: where is artificial intelligence having the greatest impact? Netflix and IBM are leading the charge on artificial intelligence in media. 

2) The beginner’s guide to blockchain

It is being used by a host of industries, from established finance firms to food delivery start-ups, but what exactly is blockchain?

3) 5G: the roadmap to launch

Hailed as technology that will transform mobile networks forever, 5G offers speed, capacity and low latency for applications including autonomous cars, robotics and virtual reality. 

4) What’s next? The future priorities of broadcast CTOs

Prior to taking solutions to market, vendors who pour huge sums of money into R&D tread a fine line between revealing too much while speaking with assurance about their ability to stay one step ahead of the market.

5) Apple unveils “largest AR platform in the world”

Apple introduced a new augmented reality (AR) development platform at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California in June.

6) TV Globo team wins IBC Conference Prize

A technical paper detailing TV Globo’s use of big data has scooped this year’s coveted IBC Conference Prize.

7) Ransomware, hacking and espionage: five global cyber attacks

With valuable content and well-known brands, the media, entertainment and technology industry has been the target of some high-profile cyber breaches from a range of attackers. 

8) Is crypto-currency for home media consumption viable?

The future of home media consumption could be based around a dedicated crypto-currency, delegates at IBC2017 heard.

9) Cyber security: threats and responses

Content piracy, data breaches and cyber hacks on corporate infrastructures – cyber attacks are significantly impacting the broadcasting industry across the supply chain.

10) Bots and their role in media and entertainment

Bots hit the headlines in early August when it was revealed that chatbots developed by Facebook had apparently started communicating in their own language.