founders Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira will deliver the final IBC2018 conference keynote on innovating social and environmental issues using deep technology. 

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Delegates at the IBC2017 conference 

Monday 17 September of the IBC Conference will explore the changing world of today and analyse the future of the industry. innovation group and incubator Founders Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira have employed design and technology solutions to guide global change through planet centric services and products. has worked to combat fake news with Wikitribune where professional journalism and crowdsourced fact-checking is combined in a new digital business model.

Partnered with Google’s Creative Lab, built a blockchain-based solution to demonstrate ownership and track the sharing of a digital book as well as integrating bots in the work place for project tracking and transparency. 

Cole said: “We are looking forward to sharing some of the latest products and businesses we’ve created, as well as the planet centric design thinking behind them.” 

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Lily Cole: Founder 

The closing conference keynote, New Tech Roadmap, hosts a panel of industry experts to debate the best technology innovation, solutions and how to manage changes in big business.

HBO Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Digital Officer Diane Tryneski, Eluvio Chief Executive and Co-Founder Michelle Munson will be joined by Alpha Networks Chief Executive and Founder Seth Shapiro and Viacom Chief Technology Officer of Media and Technology Services Global David Kline, to debate the new technologies and strategies that are shaping our industry.

Panellists will provide insight into the technology being eyed up as the next big investment to deliver on: business strategies, inventing new solutions to monetise content, envisioning new visual and audio experiences and developing innovative workflow infrastructures to safeguard the future.

IBC invites audiences to explore new ideas that challenge themselves during these sessions which will scrutinise how to deal with the threats and opportunities facing the future.  

Sessions will feature discussions on creating social networks for altruism to experimentation and collaboration, promising to inspire meaningful change towards a more desirable future.

The Cutting-Edge Tech Innovators track continues to explore change with a session by the European Broadcasting Union discussing artificial intelligence(AI) and cloud-based workflows.

While an eSports focussed session on Next Gen: Interactive & Immersive Experiences track exploring what broadcasters can learn from eSports with speakers from Digital Jam and Ginx eSports TV.