The Inevitable March of Virtualized Services in Media & Entertainment’ is the subject of TATA Communications’ IBC SHOWCASE session, taking place on Thursday 19 November.

As production studios have been out of bounds for much of 2020, the production and broadcast value chain has found new methods to migrate operations to the cloud for remote access to applications.  

The panel will discuss that push towards virtualization and how virtualization of services has gone from being a media industry buzzphrase to becoming the norm in a post-pandemic, socially distanced world. 

In this wide-ranging session, panellists will share their experiences of virtualized media production value chains, virtualized live production – including deploying a fully configurable virtual vision mixer as a service at live events – and designing a media cloud infrastructure on the edge. 

The key benefits of virtualization, including capex savings, compatibility and upgrades, easy configuration and remote accessibility, will also be discussed, along with the challenges that need to be overcome before virtualization becomes the industry standard. 

TATA Communications describes itself as a digital ecosystem enabler, with a focus on cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration, security and network services. Representatives will be joined by two distinct media software-as-a-service companies and a media cloud infrastructure and connectivity provider for this panel debate. 

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