IBC2018: Highlights from across the conference and exhibition featuring gender equality lounge talk and spotlight on the Future Zone. 

Audience closeup 9

Convention keynote: Blockchain: Empowering content creators 

The Forum 9:15-10:15

Singular DTV Co-founder and President of Entertainment Kim Jackson will look at the hype and impact of blockchain on the media and entertainment industry. Jackson will explore the tools and systems required to support creatives in this emerging, dynamic and empowering ecosystem. 

New platforms keynote: Content creation and funding embraces the multiplatform world 

The Forum 17:30-18:15 

Wonderhood Studios Chief Executive and Founder David Abraham will explore both the new content consumption landscape, the threat and opportunities of the big tech players and what are the best creative commissioning and funding strategies going forward. Former Channel 4 executive Abraham has launched a next-generation creative company that combines programme making with creative agency skills. 

Inside Look: Netflix series The Innocents 

Auditorium 10:30-11:30

Join members of the production and post teams of Netflix’s new sci-fi thriller The Innocents. As the evolution of drama series changes with new technologies, the panel will discuss the creative and technical approach of finishing in Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Walking on the moon: VR without the headset 

Auditorium 15:35-16:20 

Join award-winning immersive film maker Jannicke Mikkelsen who will talk about her original approach to immersive film and debut technology developed exclusively for the Kennedy Space Center. Experience the public premiere of the world’s first Lunar Window where VR without the headset will be demonstrated. 

  • Lounge talk: Gender equality: I believe in change will bring together ITV’s Head of Diversity Ade Rawcliffe, Britbox President Soumya Sriraman and IET’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member Riad Mannan as they discuss practical ways to kick gender imbalance into touch. The Forum lounge, 12:50-13:40. 

Step into the future zone 

2-Immerse future zone

The 2-IMMERSE project on display at 8.F46

Regarded as one the most awe-inspiring areas of IBC, the IBC Future Zone is where innovation, exciting concept technologies and cutting-edge solutions are showcased.

This year, the Future Zone has been designed with a focus on demonstrating how new technologies grow from their first inception through the stages of research, development and validation to a point of maturity.

An IBC project group of international industry experts, led by Professor David Crawford, has picked exhibitors for their ingenious, creative and futuristic innovations, and all exhibitors boast ground-breaking applications and products that are set to become standardised for the future.

BBC R&D, 2-IMMERSE, NHK and BT are among those exhibiting futuristic solutions leveraging technology ahead of the curve. 

Future Trends Theatre

The IABM Future Trends Theatre will showcase new technologies that deliver strategic business advantages across the media industry, with a programme to spotlight new business models and technology opportunities.

Open to all visitors, the theatre will host an agenda of segmented presentations designed to explore up-and-coming technologies and business trends and the ways they will merge into today’s media environment.

Executive Forum

Leaders Panel 11

Leading executives will explore the opportunities for telecom operators 

The Telco and Media Innovation Forum is an invite-only opportunity for industry thinkers from Canal Digital, Netflix, BT, Movistar and Endemol Shine Group who will unite to examine the opportunities for telecom operators. The agenda for the day will see executives discuss the issues impacting the industry evolution as well as the regulatory challenges and impact on investment. 

4K 4Charity Run

Fun Run raises $35,000

Tomorrow, Saturday 15 September – at 7:00am, the four kilometre course explores Amstelpark.

All funds raised will benefit a local and global charity – Stichting NewTech Kids and Iridescent that support diversity and inclusion initiatives.