• IBC calls for submissions for Accelerator Media Innovation programme
  • Accelerators fast-track collaboration and innovation in media tech
  • Innovation will be key theme across 2020 conference, with Technical Paper entries to open in 2020

A key focus of IBC2020 will be innovation from the industry, with a number of initiatives aimed at showcasing cutting-edge research and ground-breaking projects.

IBC2019 general venue photo

IBC2019 in action

IBC is calling on developers, engineers, product managers or project leaders from media or technology businesses to feature their innovations on the industry’s biggest stage.

The IBC Show will feature its Accelerator Media Innovation programme, which is an evolution of the 2019 Media-Telecoms Catalysts.

The convergence between the media, technology and telecoms sectors is changing at breath-taking speed. Whether it is through seismic audience shifts from traditional to online platforms across multiple devices and screens, or the transformation to IP for production workflows.

This change brings a host of disruptive technologies across the media workflow which require faster, more agile approaches to innovation.

The IBC Accelerators are collaborative and open innovation projects that address complex media industry business and technology challenges.

The programme offers a place for multicompany teams to unite to develop innovative solutions across a fast-tracked, intensive four to six-month path, with proof of concepts showcased at IBC2020 in Amsterdam from 11-15 September 2020.

IBC is calling for game changing ‘Champions’ and ‘Participants’ from within the industry to drive the next wave of innovation, with submissions now open.

Previous projects have included Mobile News Gathering Using AI-Powered Compression, 5G-Enabled Tourism Experience and AI Indexing for Regulatory Practice. Champions have came from across the industry including the likes of Aardman Entertainment, BBC R&D, Al Jazeera, RTE, AP and BT.

To find out more about the IBC Accelerators programme or to submit your entry, click here

Technical Papers

IBC has a longstanding tradition of showcasing some of the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge ideas through its Technical Papers, which are unveiled at the show each year.

The IBC Technical Papers give technologists and companies the opportunity to unveil their original ideas and research, showcasing new technology concepts, their potential uses and practical applications.

All submissions are rigorously reviewed by a panel of professional experts, with submissions for the IBC Technical Papers to open in January 2020.

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IBC2020 will also offer innovators the opportunity to speak about their original media technology ideas or ground-breaking products within the IBC Conference programme.

Companies or technologists can apply to participate in an interactive case study or knowledge-sharing seminar, with the same rigorous selection process applied as the Technical Papers. Submissions for this will also open in January.

IBC will also celebrate collaboration in technology and creativity through the annual IBC Innovation Awards.

Winning projects reflect close cooperation between technology users and their supplier partners to deliver a clever, innovative solution to a real business, technical or creative issue.

Winners of the IBC 2019 Innovation Awards include SailGP, which picked up a gong for Content Creation; the Associated Press, which was recognised for Content Distribution; and ETV Bharat and Aveco, which won for Content Everywhere.

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Entries for the 2020 Awards are set to open in March.