Supercar Blondie, an influencer with over 500K subscribers on YouTube and 2.2m followers on Instagram, specialises in driving and reviewing rare and unique cars.

She is working on a new TV show for UHD channel Insight TV, which sees her travel across the USA to uncover the biggest, loudest, richest and most unique cars, drivers and motoring cultures in the country.  

Why are you branching out from social media to TV?
My background is broadcast TV and radio. I studied broadcast journalism and hosted a radio show prior to my social media career, so it was a natural fit for me to go back into TV. Also, while social media is able to connect you to millions of people around the world, there’s a different audience you can connect to through TV.

Supercar Blondie influencer

Supercar Blondie: Insight TV’s latest collaborator

Source: Insight TV

Will your show for Insight TV be similar to your YouTube videos, or very different?
There are similarities; I can’t disappoint my fan base. Let’s put it this way, you will have some of the most insane cars and locations ever filmed. Thanks to the TV show and the production budget we are able to create even better and crazier content than what I am able to achieve on my own YouTube.

In addition, we have a great story line, you will get to know me better in different settings with great people who love cars. The people I meet I would never have come across in my work on social media. You will get to see me in situations that I’m not familiar with, that are out of my comfort zone.

“My advice is not to try to become an influencer: it’s not a job. The job is to share your passion or skill and create content”

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Supercar Blondie’s influence goes beyond social media 

Source: Insight TV

Will the fact that you have such a large social media following be an advantage for your show?
Absolutely it’s an advantage, as I have a loyal fan base and many of them have requested to see me on TV. However, it also comes with very high expectations. I need to deliver a show that my fans will go crazy for but also appeal to an audience who don’t yet know me.

This means I’ll delve further in to what it’s like running a business on social media, which will help them to understand my background and how I find myself in this position today. I’ll also be getting access to cars that my fans haven’t yet seen. You will see me talking about the TV show on all my social media channels soon.

What role can influencers play in driving audiences to shows?
The benefit an influencer can bring to TV is their audience. What we also understand is how to create unique and interesting content. This is something TV channels and social media content creators have in common.

The only way for a person to be successful on social media is by creating interesting content day after day. The same for a TV show - they need to think of a show that is unique and interesting and one that can appeal to a lot of people. This is something we can bring to the table when it comes to collaborating with a TV network. We know how to appeal to our fans and also reach a lot of new people. If a broadcaster chooses a presenter who doesn’t have an audience, then it will be more difficult to gain an audience once the TV show airs. I still feel influencers are not leveraged enough within TV.

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Driving success

Source: Insight TV

What tips would you give on how to become a successful ‘influencer?’
First of all, I don’t consider myself an “influencer”, I am a Content Creator. I work hard on coming up with new content on my platforms, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook every day. If I create unique content that people engage with, then as a by-product I will have influence. My advice is not to try to become an influencer: it’s not a job. The job is to share your passion or skill and create content on the platforms that will engage with an audience. If you can do that, then influence will follow.