Jensen says: “Our differentiator in the Norwegian markets is that we have a lot of good local content and sports as has the other broadcasters in the Norwegian market.

“We are facing the competitions from the FAANGs and they are really focussing on high cost drama and that is a path that we are Discovery have not taken. We need to focus on what we can stay really good at and want to continue to be good at which is local productions and local entertainment and sports.”

Jensen spoke to IBC365 during the Northern Waves TV conference in Oslo on the growing competition and need to engage the younger viewership which is “high on the agenda.”

She adds: “We have increased our investments in the last couple of years on formats for the younger audience and a lot of those formats are made by younger people and the participation in the shows are also young people.”

She acknowledges the strong hold Netflix and HBO have in the Nordic region and the strategic pathway Discovery Norway is taking to remain relevant.

Jensen points to its strong local content, sports content and its global assets.

She says: “For us to keep our strong position, we have almost a 40% conversion share of traditional TV viewing, we want to continue to have that position in the future in the TV environment regardless of what platform you are using.”