MediaStream from Optiva solves the problem of content fragmentation for operators that makes it difficult to manage all the metadata in a consistent, unified way, due to the vast amount of different metadata sources and formats. 

Automation of import/exports, AI technologies and the unique ID system that MediaStream provides, reliefs the rush of managing such a huge number of assets all together.


MediaStream is the Optiva Media´s solution for integrated content metadata management. MediaStream helps aggregators cope with the internal complexity of managing heterogeneous metadata sources.

MediaStream sits between metadata sources from different content providers and the end-user systems to solve the content fragmentation headache of super aggregators: there is a vast amount of metadata sources, multiple providers and different formats that needs to be unified.

MediaStream provides the key for editorial teams to present the metadata in a precise, seamless and consistent way.

MediaStream reduces operational costs and times thanks to the automation of metadata ingestion with unique IDs and the AI technologies, at the time that provides additional metadata enrichment, improving the user experience.

Users will enjoy smooth, intuitive and customized viewing experiences, thanks to both textual and graphical metadata that is rich, relevant and unified.


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