ITV senior architect for broadcast Andrew Pearson is largely focussed on the architecture of ITV’s live streaming platform as well as working on the companies cloud-based workflow to ensure the viewers get the best experience.

He spoke to IBC365 at the Northern Waves TV conference on the evolution of technology and the critical role live streaming plays within the broadcast industry.

On the ITV live platform, he explains how the platform is “constantly evolving,” and has grown into a multi-site network with less vulnerabilities than a single site.

He says: “The technology itself handles most of that now.”

Delivering live experiences for viewers is a prerequisite in today’s day and age, he explains: “We certainly look at the quality and what we are doing to assess it against the quality measurement metrics that we have in place.

“The fact the industry, in general, is constantly innovating enables these new features to be available.”

Technology for content discovery
The rise of streaming video-on-demand and OTT services, the appetite for content is addressed across numerous channels from various providers.

However, Pearson explains the difficulty for viewers to successfully find content that is indexed and searchable.

“Some kind of artificial intelligence (AI) based system to trawl the database to give you the recommendation that is interesting,” he continues. “Ultimately people want good quality for their viewing experience.”