IABM head of insight & analysis Lorenzo Zanni said: ”We are seeing increasing adoption of the cloud, and that is confirmed by IABM data.

“We can also see big cloud providers growing and growing [at NAB 2019] as well, which is a sign that the cloud is increasingly important in the industry. That has a lot of implications for traditional media technology suppliers, which have to change their business models from capex to opex…that in turn has a lot of implications, from a financial and operational perspective, with different approaches to R&D and marketing.”  

Zanni added that new players have also emerged, including “small companies providing niche and specialist applications on top of the cloud”. 

And in terms of adoption, he said those involved in distribution of content are at an advanced stage.

“Production and content creation is still at early stage, but at the same time a lot of companies have told us not everything will go to the cloud. It depends on the use case.”