This session looks at the latest developments in latency and also consider the wider importance of quality of service and quality of experience and how strategic decisions and technology choices remain dependent on the characteristics of each use case. 

The session also includes a case study that illustrates how streaming and the cloud could transform the gaming industry by reducing reliance on consoles, and enabling subscription business models: the use case could have relevance to other low latency applications such as interactive TV experiences. 

The panel also discuss:

• What is the business case of low latency streaming? What does management need to know? 

• Can ultra-low latency streaming with studio approved DRM and accessibility features such as subtitles be delivered today affordably? 

• How can we safeguard a premium experience of premium content across the population of playback devices today? 

• What is Interactive Live Streaming and how does it respond to the growing need for virtual audience engagement? 

• What are the technical and business factors that need to be considered?


Russell Trafford-Jones, Vice Chair - IET Media Technical Network


Mark Donnigan, Head of Marketing - NETINT Technologies

Pieter-Jan Speelmans, Co-Founder & CTO - THEO Technologies

Oliver Lietz, CEO - nanocosmos