In this session we examine three aspects of the power of AI to influence the future of media creation. First, multi-disciplinary teams from a prestigious institute delve into the future of AI news journalism. Technologists, journalists and editors attempt to predict what an AI-empowered newsroom might look like and the organisational changes that this would imply. How did they feel about the results and how much influence can they really have on the direction of AI? Next, we hear about an advanced Japanese AI technology which aims to benefit those of us with busy lives: a system which can edit a TV programme down to an arbitrarily short duration. We shall see how neural networks rank and edit the most salient segments of video and speech and how these summary videos are already being trialled nationally. Finally, a remarkable AI technology which can identify the nature and intensity of emotion in a dramatic scene and then compose and perform background music to accompany it. Join us to find out how well AI performs both of these challenging tasks - will an IBC audience of sentient humans feel that the music is appropriate?


Nick Lodge, Director - Logical Media


Momoko Maezawa, Research Engineer - NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Punyabrota Dasgupta, Principal Solutions Architect - AWS India

Danielle Arets, Prof Journalism and Innovation - Fontys University of Applied Sciences