• Diversity and inclusion programme to excel behind the scenes talent 
  • Aim to drive the next-generation of “diverse and varied perspectives” 
  • Participants to gain experience in business development, casting and marketing

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Walt Disney TV champions D&I behind the scenes 

Source: Chris Dorney - Shutterstock

Expanding the diversity and inclusion behind the camera, Walt Disney Television confirmed the launch of two new programmes to develop underrepresented talent.

The Executive Incubator Program and the Studios Intern Program, which will launch later this year, are designed to create opportunities for people with “diverse and varied perspectives.”

In a statement, Walt Disney Television said this includes women, people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community, military veterans, people with disabilities and others aspiring to hold network executive roles and behind-the-camera positions across the organisation. 

The Executive Incubator Program aims to create a pipeline of next-generation network executives through a two-year rotational programme. It will operate across Walt Disney-owned channels ABC Entertainment and Freeform.

Individuals selected for the programme will gain experience in all aspects of network business, including development, casting and marketing, with the goal of receiving a job placement within the company.

The first round of participants is expected to begin the programme in October.

ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke said: “Our jobs allow us the privilege to nurture great storytellers and it’s imperative that these stories come from different places, with authentic points of view and varied perspectives.

“It’s incumbent on us to help find and nurture the next generation of executives who will create new opportunities for storytellers. The Executive Incubator Program is another step in making our ranks more diverse and our stories more reflective of the world we live in.”

The Studios Intern Program will offer a career path for talent from underrepresented backgrounds behind the camera.

Qualified candidates will be sourced from non-profit organisations including Academy Gold, Ghetto Film School, Los Angeles City College, Manifest Works and the Evolve Entertainment Fund.

Participants will develop their skills with the studios’ production, post-production, writing and casting teams. 

Walt Disney Television Studios president Craig Hunegs said: “This new initiative is a win-win-win – it helps us discover talent in underrepresented areas, gives candidates real experience as they grow their careers and ultimately leads to more diverse stories being told.”