Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Amazon reveals 100 million Prime subscribers
Chief Executive Jeff Bezos revealed in his letter to shareholders that Amazon has over 100 million Prime members. It is the first time in 13 years the membership numbers were revealed, according to Telecoms, questioning the timing a week out from the release of its Q1 financials. 

BT Sport appoints new Director of Mobile Strategy
To “highlight the importance of mobile to the broadcaster’s ambitions,” the newly created role has been filled by Matt Stagg, the former Head of Media and Broadcast at EE. According to Broadcast, Stagg will be responsible for developing BT Sport’s mobile capabilities in a push to grow its mobile platform, which has seen an acceleration over the last two years. 

Apple to launch subscription news service 
Apple plans to integrate the recently acquired magazine app Texture into its Apple News offering and launch a subscription service, according to Bloomberg. The subscription will allow users to access 200 magazines and is expected to launch within the year. Apple execs have targetted services revenue of $50 billion by 2021.   

Facebook targetted ads to continue
The social media giant said its users would be required to accept targeted ads as a condition of using its service, Reuters reported. The EU data protection laws coming into effect next month won’t change the fact Facebook is an advertising-supported service, but Facebook will begin seeking users permission to continue using their data.   

Tech companies unite to fight cyber attacks 
A group of 34 companies including Facebook, Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Nokia have signed up to a watershed agreement working to defend customers worldwide from cybercriminals and nation-state hackers. The Cyber security Tech Accord, according to The Telegraph, promises to boost defences for customers and establish partnerships to share tactics to address cyber threats and vulnerabilities.   

IBM’s profit margins fall short 
Technology giant IBM has released its gross profit margin which has fallen to 43.7% from 44.5% earlier this year, Reuters reported however its overall revenue and profit did beat expectations. The company shares have gone down by 6% based on the Wall Street forecast with layoffs expected under the new Chief Executive Ginni Rometty. 

Ofcom opens RT investigations 
UK regulator Ofcom has deemed the Kremlin-funded broadcasters to have breached impartiality rules, according to the Financial Times, Ofcom has opened seven new investigations. The regulator said there had been “a significant increase” in concerning matters. 

UK cyber defends against China’s ZTE
The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has confirmed the blacklisting of China’s state-owned telecommunications equipment and systems company ZTE. BBC reported the cyber-defence watchdog said the move comes to protect the UK’s telecommunications network and mitigate the potential risk to national security.