Media Integration Platform: The Hybrid Cloud Future

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Tedial explains how media companies can maximize a real-world Hybrid Cloud deployment utilizing a Media Integration Platform.

The cloud has had a major impact on the industry, with media companies moving their infrastructure to the cloud or private data centres, in a bid to simplify workflows and reduce costs. Implementing a Hybrid Cloud is an ideal solution to combine cloud services and local operation, but doing this efficiently, cost-effectively and more importantly ensuring the system is future-proof creates challenges.

The solution is a Media Integration Platform or NoCode iPaaS for Media, which plays a key role as a Hybrid Cloud deployment is one of the applications that comes naturally with this approach. A Media Integration Platform - a platform with one or multiple sites - enables systems to be integrated and simple workflows to be defined with a simple NoCode Pipeline. If we think about the hybrid cloud challenges, which include multisite, different storage technologies and different systems to integrate on each site, all of this is covered by the Media Integration Platform.

This whitepaper explains in detail the three main pillars that make up the key, NoCode iPaaS for Media elements: Common Workspace, Common Interface and Normalized Data Model. It also highlights a number of workflow examples that take readers on a step-by-step journey into the full capabilities of the Media Integration Platform and shows how broadcasters can utilize these capabilities to maximize Hybrid Cloud, now and in the future.


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