Win the 5G communications, media and entertainment race

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With its high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and ability to support up to one million devices in one square kilometre, 5G is rapidly opening new business opportunities for communications, media and entertainment technology providers.

5G is in its nascent stages of growth, but by 2023, more than 20 percent of the world’s population will be covered by 5G. With astonishing download speeds, 5G will radically transform the way we create, deliver and experience media and entertainment.

To keep pace with the competition, content providers will need new ways to capture and manage more content from multiple sources at higher resolutions. Simply adding more and more storage won’t be enough; winning in the 5G world requires new computing architecture which takes data center-level compute to the edge.

Broadcast technology providers will be required to support customers in the management, transfer and storage of data. Read this whitepaper to find out why the best way to manage high quality content across a 5G network is to take data center technology advantages to the edge, where the content is closest to the viewer.


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