Cyber attacks are on everyone’s agenda but with so much at stake just how should Broadcast, Media and Entertainment players protect themselves in an increasingly hostile world?

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High profile attacks on broadcast and media players are on the increase. But what does the threat landscape look like? What are the new attack surfaces and how should broadcasters and media companies approach cyber security? Watch the webinar on demand to find out.

Join industry figures as they discuss:

  • Protecting content assets during production, management, streaming and transmission
  • How media and entertainment firms work with cloud providers and telcos on matters of cyber security
  • Issues surrounding file sharing, content anywhere and social engagement
  • How the media and entertainment sector is facing its unique cyber security responsibilities

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Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown is a cyber defence advisor and information security strategist who has worked for the United Nations, governments and law enforcement agencies, as well as leading multinational corporations.

He has conducted in-depth research into emerging trends in Forensic Science, Cybercrime Offending, Terrorism Prevention, Corruption, and Modes of Cyber-Conflict / Cyber-Warfare. Cameron has collaborated on multi-taskforce investigations and fact-finding missions on a global scale.

He is a member of EY’s Risk Advisory Practice in Europe with focus on Strategic Information Security, Cyber Governance, Security Intelligence, Adversary Profiling, Active Defence, Vulnerability Identification, Data Privacy and Countermeasures to Insider Threats.

Cameron will paint a picture of the current cyber security landscape, including recent developments relevant to the broadcast media and news.


Richard Welsh

Richard Welsh

Richard Welsh, Sundog Media Toolkit CEO and SMPTE VP of Education, will look at security considerations from a vendor perspective, including security architecture, application protection and threat considerations. What are the expectations of content owners and where do responsibilities lie when you offer a service based on a multi-supplier network?


Brian Brackenborough

Brian Brackenborough

Brian Brackenborough is the CISO for Channel 4 Television, the UK’s Publicly owned but commercially funded broadcaster. Brian believes the relationship between hackers and broadcasters has changed in the past 5 years, with News divisions no longer holding the “do not touch” status they once had.




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