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Natalie Billingham, vice president, Media and Carrier EMEA, Akamai
Natalie Billingham leads all aspects of direct and indirect sales and go-to-market strategies for Akamai’s Media business across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She directs an international team, serving customers in broadcasting, TV, film, radio, gaming, gambling, music, search, advertising, publishing, and mobile verticals.

Natalie Billingham

Natalie Billingham

Natalie’s responsibility is ensuring all of the EMEA Media team focus on adding strategic value for customers, who are themselves undergoing rapid digital transformation, with a core focus on the transition of broadcasters from linear to online delivery. Natalie works hands on with broadcasters from across the region to help them balance the technical and commercial benefits and challenges of the transition to an all-IP future.

With 25 years’ sales and leadership experience, Natalie is responsible for scaling the EMEA Media organisation, while optimising internal processes and metrics to ensure operational excellence and visibility into all countries, product categories and emerging areas. Under her steer, the Akamai Media business in EMEA has seen exceptional growth.

Natalie has built her career through a number of sales roles with telecoms, cloud and business-services organisations, and has a distinguished 12-year tenure at Akamai. She is a founder member of Akamai’s EMEA Women’s Forum.

Raphael Goldwaser

Raphaël Goldwaser

Raphaël Goldwaser, lead video architect, France Télévisions
Raphaël is a senior video streaming expert and responsible for defining the overall video streaming architecture for all France Televions’ OTT applications.

He has redesigned all the Live and VOD to be fully scalable in terms of volume of assets and traffic. He is also known as a technology explorer by recommending and implementing new streaming technologies within FranceTV.

He started his career in the IPTV headends and legacy streaming architecture before working a couple years at Akamai. He’s now the lead video architect at France Télévisions since 6 years.

Chris Wood

Chris Wood

Chris Wood, chief technology officer, Spicy Mango
Chris is an an enterprise video platform architect and evangelist at Spicy Mango, an expert media technology consulting and software delivery organisation.

His career began when the worlds of IT and video were yet to merge. He has played a pivotal role in the early adoption of adaptive bit-rate technologies to drive OTT delivery worldwide through senior roles at organisations such as ITV, Inlet Technologies, Cisco Systems and Ericsson.