• Comcast’s Xfinity Stream to be available on NuEyes VR devices 
  • Partnership to bring entertainment experiences to the visually impaired  
  • Comcast says it wants to provide ”great entertainment experiences for people of all abilities”

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Comcast and NuEyes partnership: Bringing accessibility of TV to those with visual impairments 

Comcast has partnered with wearable technology startup NuEyes to bring entertainment viewing experiences to visually impaired customers through NuEyes virtual reality (VR) technology.

Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app will be available and pre-installed on NuEyes e2 devices, allowing users to watch live TV and on-demand content including TV shows, news, movies, live sports and more.

The collaboration enhances the usable vision of a person who is visually impaired.

Comcast vice president of accessibility Tom Wlodkowski said: “Being blind since birth, I know firsthand the power of technology to enhance independence.

“Our partnership with NuEyes is an extension of our commitment to designing great entertainment experiences for people of all abilities.”

Over the past few years, Comcast launched the industry’s first talking TV guide, introduced a voice-activated remote control, launched X1 eye control for the TV and produced the first live entertainment show in US broadcast history, The Wiz Live, to be accessible to people with a visual disability.

Comcast also has a service centre specifically dedicated to customers with disabilities where agents are specially trained in the company’s accessibility features and general support issues.

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NyEyes’ mission to give millions of people across the US who are visually impaired, the independence to consume media. It is a veteran-owned technology company based in California. In a statement, NuEyes chief executive Mark Greget said: “Collaborating with Comcast has been an absolute joy.

“To be able to stream content directly to our consumers’ eyes in a way that has never been done before enables millions of visually impaired people to continue enjoying their TV experience and more.”

The lightweight design of the NuEyes e2, paired with handsfree and wireless functionality, gives people with low vision the ability to participate in their everyday lives in ways that were once difficult or impossible, like clearly seeing loved ones’ faces, reading, cooking and enjoying television.

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