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  • Easyrig-1
    Daily News

    Easyrig Boom Rig makes audio capture easy


    With the release of the Easyrig Boom Rig, boom operators and sound engineers are the next market for the camera weight distribution and support stalwart.

  • 8. Kenro pixel tube lights look Smart
    Daily News

    Kenro pixel tube lights look Smart


    A range of compact Smart Lite pixel tube lights is set to be introduced by Kenro, offering dynamic lighting effects in an easily portable package.

  • 2. Say hola to new intercom panels from AEQ
    Daily News

    Say hola to new intercom panels from AEQ


    Expanding its range of intercom systems, the TP9116 and TP9416 user panels from AEQ are designed for matrix-based systems. The Spanish manufacturer has taken a user-friendly approach with full colour displays and four-way levers, with two functions per lever.

  • 8. Versatile lightweight tripod new from Libec
    Daily News

    Versatile lightweight tripod new from Libec


    The new Libec TH-V is a video tripod system with mid-level spreader aimed at mirrorless, DSLR and handheld cameras. It can be matched with the new TH-V H 75mm ball and flat base video head with pan handle, which can carry a payload of up to 5kg.

  • 5. Sustainable Salt-E Dog from Anton Bauer runs on sodium power
    Daily News

    Sustainable Salt-E Dog from Anton/Bauer runs on sodium power


    Salt-E Dog is a 9kWh sustainable power supply that uses salt-based power cells instead of lithium. Andrew Hutton, Head of Product Management, batteries and mobile power, Anton/Bauer, said it aims to replace small fuel generators for film or broadcast production while addressing environmental problems associated with lithium batteries. It runs ...

  • 4. Portaprompt Quasar joins NDI universe
    Daily News

    Portaprompt Quasar joins NDI universe


    Portaprompt now supports NDI connectivity for its Quasar range of broadcast prompters, which offer screen sizes from 12in to 32in.

  • 3. Swit-1
    Daily News

    Swit to unveil new field production monitor


    Swit is set to introduce a 21.5in HD field production monitor with 4K inputs alongside small new Omni batteries at IBC2024. The 1000 nits FM-215HDR QLED monitor includes a V-mount battery adaptor for use on location.

  • In the lead IBC exhibitors report rise in good leads at the show
    Daily News

    In the lead: IBC exhibitors report rise in good leads at the show


    IBC2023 attracted lots of visitors, but were they the sort exhibitors were hoping for? We asked them, ‘was it good for you?’

  • Fujifilm expands cinematic lenses for broadcast operations offering
    Daily News

    Fujifilm expands cinematic lenses for broadcast operations offering


    Fujifilm’s Duvo series of native cinematic lenses with broadcast functionality is being expanded with a new portable 24-300mm lens, as well as the preview of a wide-angle version, to go with the recently released 45x box lens that has already sold 20 units in Europe.

  • D4 Atomos-Edit
    Daily News

    Atomos collaborative cloud editor ready to launch


    Atomos Edit is a new easy-to-use cloud/browser editor that is designed as a fully-fledged collaboration system. It has been in beta for several months and is due to launch as a product in the next month.

  • D3 Genelec Marcel Schechter
    Daily News

    Genelec unveils 9320A reference controller


    Acting as a bridge to its Unio Audio Monitoring Service Platform, speaker specialist Genelec has unveiled its new 9320A reference controller at IBC.

  • D3 (from d2) Sony-Gravity Media
    Daily News

    Gravity Media invests in Sony cameras


    Gravity Media has invested in a large number of new Sony cameras to upgrade and expand its global camera fleet, mainly for live sports production, including Formula E motor racing and ATP Tour tennis.

  • Quartz crystallises benefits of Mesh wireless workflows
    Daily News

    Quartz crystallises benefits of Mesh wireless workflows


    Domo’s new Quartz Mesh wireless links system promises to be easier to configure, simplify workflows and reduce broadcaster’s RF channel requirements.  

  • Live virtualised production updated
    Daily News

    Live virtualised production updated


    The latest version of NetOn.Live’s LiveOS Production Platform enables local, remote, and decentralised live production running on COTS IT servers in a SMPTE ST 2110 video-over-IP network.

  • Future of collaborative editing
    Daily News

    Future of collaborative editing


    The first integration of Lucidlink Filespaces within a creative tool is now available for Adobe Premiere Pro allowing editors to “pre-emptively cache” just the media needed in their edit, directly within the Premiere Pro application. 

  • Daily News

    Robotic Arm turns in silent spin cycle


    The new Robotic Arm from Blackcam Robotics, seen going through the motions on the Vizrt stand, is a highly mobile compact system that can spin through a 360º sphere.  

  • Argosy unveils Ultra 12G range
    Daily News

    Argosy unveils Ultra 12G range


    Moving from traditional SDI infrastructure to UHD needn’t mean ripping everything out and moving to fibre. Argosy’s new Ultra range of 12G products means that “engineers with traditional tools and skill sets” can work with a system “that is very rugged, very robust and they all know”, said Chris Smeeton, ...

  • Jo Fahy accepts the award from Nadira Tudor
    Daily News

    IBC Innovation and Social Impact Award winners revealed


    Last night saw the winners of IBC’s Innovation Awards and Social Impact Awards revealed in two ceremonies at the RAI.

  • D4 Unlock Efficiency-Showcase Theatre. SR
    Daily News

    AI and cloud IP dominate Showcase Theatre discussions


    Technology estates nearing end of life have been one of the main drivers behind the move to cloud in the media industry.

  • PFX streamlines its file services
    Daily News

    PFX streamlines its file services


    On the back of announcing an application of its File Data Platform with Prague-based PFX Studio, Qumulo’s software platform and Scale Anywhere approach is offering customers a simple solution for managing data within private data centres at IBC.