Arri has established the Arri Solutions Group, a new organisational unit that enables the company to expand its offering of holistic solutions for the global film and television industry.

The Arri Solutions Group is focused on the design and engineering of customised production infrastructures, including mixed reality environments, state-of-the-art TV studio and other solutions. It encompasses Arri’s mixed reality, broadcast and remote solutions.


Arri Remote Solutions: Now part of the Solutions Groups

“Arri has long since ceased to be solely a hardware manufacturer. Whether consulting, configuration, or turnkey installation, the experts of the Arri Solutions Group design precisely the solutions our cine and broadcast clients need. Thereby, co-ordination and good co-operation with companies offering other products and services are also very important to us,” explained Stephan Schenk, general manager global sales & solutions at Arri.

One of the Arri Solutions Group’s first mixed reality reference projects is the recently operational Dark Bay Virtual Production Studio in Babelsberg near Berlin. At one of Europe’s largest permanent LED studio for virtual film productions, Arri Solutions Group was responsible for the overall technical planning as well as the co-ordination of the installation of all components.. For this project, Arri’s three business units – Camera Systems, Lighting and Rental –­ worked together intensively under the project management and co-ordination of Arri Solutions Group.

“In spring 2021, we built our high-end LED studio in a record time of three months on the premises of Studio Babelsberg. The team from Arri Solutions Group, one of the few vertically integrated service providers with a spectrum of knowledge that spans LED, light, camera and data technology, was commissioned with the overall planning,” said Philipp Klausing, managing director of Dark Bay.

“The balanced inclusion of the needs from the specialist departments of direction, camera, lighting and VFX were indispensable for us to guarantee a satisfactory recording result in the studio. The high level of bundling competence that the Arri Group offers in its entirety was a main factor in guaranteeing the studio be assembled and delivered in this quality.”

Arri and Arri Rental are also set to open a mixed reality studio in Uxbridge near London later this month. The facility will be used for commercial and demonstration purposes. More mixed reality studio projects are in the pipeline.