BBright, a specialist in advanced media processing and technologies, has been working with Technicolor to integrate Technicolor’s HDR technologies into its playout and live production solutions.

6 BBright Technicolor -1-MB-pic-CAP

The integration enables live SDR / HDR cross conversion

BBright Live Production and Playout solutions now support both Technicolor HDR (SL-HDR1 and SL-HDR2 versions) and Technicolor ITM (Intelligent Tone Management) to enable live SDR / HDR cross conversion and facilitate HDR deployments.

Guillaume Arthuis, CEO for BBright, explained: “HDR adoption is still slowed down by the amount of existing heterogeneous formats, especially in live production. Thanks to Technicolor’s technology, we now have the ability to provide high quality live SDR/HDR cross conversions up to Ultra HD to our customers and help them simplify their production workflows.

BBright Live Production (BMedia) and Playout (UHD-Channel) support SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 inputs/outputs, and a large portfolio of codecs and file wrappers. Adding Technicolor live HDR tone management technology makes BBright solutions unique, and the most flexible and interoperable on the market, say the companies.

Thomas Bohan, HDR program president, Technicolor, said: “The collaboration with BBright is yet another example that Technicolor’s HDR technologies are the most suited for Broadcasters that want to easily and cost efficiently produce HDR live content.”