Infomir has launched the MAGic Solution service to haelp ISPs, content creators, companies and communities launch video services quickly and easily. 

The service is designed to help different types of organisations to retain audiences during quarantine, as educational and cultural projects go online. Infomir claims to provide everything required to launch an IPTV/OTT service, enabling customers to start broadcasting within three days. 


MAGic Solution promises quick launch of IPTV/OTT services 

For example, using MAGic Solution, a religious organisation in the Philippines launched a video service for an audience of 10 million users, and a church on the island of Martinique established 24/7 broadcasting for parishioners. 

Each new client receives two months’ free technical support. The Infomir team will troubleshoot, monitor service status, update software, and remotely configure the system free of charge.