Interactive video technology platform Wirewax has launched two new software packages that aim to help companies and freelancers create interactive video services quickly and easily.


Wirewax: Impact packages designed to support the rapid creation of interactive video

The first package, called Immediate Impact, is built to support companies seeking a collaborative offering with unlimited annual access and training, allowing teams to get quickly up to speed. The package includes an annual licence for up to three users of the Wirewax Studio platform, customer support, Studio training and more, for a fee of $12,000. The Wirewax Studio platform is designed to help brands and other customers create their own interactive videos.

The second pack, Freelance, is a free offering for a single user that aims to help people with little or no work at the current time. Although the company did not mention coronavirus, it clearly indicated that the offers are designed to support users during the pandemic.

Wirewax said: “We’ve seen just how much of an impact our technology can have for brands, companies and communities alike in driving digital growth and scalable engagement in the face of a global challenge”. It has therefore focused on ways to make its toolset more accessible, “with the mission of helping digital innovators make an impact and generate the growth needed immediately”.