• Audience viewing habits drive change
  • IABM: “Rate of change continues to accelerate”
  • Velocity = new focus for media companies

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Automation, cloud and blockchain are driving change, global content partnerships and technology adoption will define the 2019 broadcast and media industry according to the latest report from the IABM.

The battle for digital eyeballs will become even fiercer as the move to OTT continues apace and investment in content continues to grow.

Media companies continue to search for scale to respond to their deep-pocketed digital rivals.

This scale must be accompanied by efficiency, speed and personalisation, which is fuelling a technology transition to transform broadcast and media companies into content factories capable of delivering video to any platform.

According to the industry analysis the IABM has releases ahead of NAB 2019, media technology suppliers continue to strive to keep up with their customers’ requirements and the need for digital speed is prompting media companies to transform their organisation into media factories.

IABM head of insight and analysis Lorenzo Zanni “As the rate of change continues to accelerate, it’s vital to keep abreast of where the industry is headed and to sort the hype from the reality to make informed business decisions.

“This special report, based on hard facts and extensive qualitative research, provides a strategic analysis of the current state of the broadcast and media industry and clear pointers as to where the future lies.”


IABM: Automation, cloud and blockchain are driving change for 2019

The research is based on industry-wide quantitative and qualitative research, highlighting the key business and technology trends that are driving change in the broadcast and media industry.

The report is divided into a number of sections: An overview of the industry; drivers of change; demand- and supply-side trends; content chain investment trends; and technology adoption trackers that show the current take-up and prospects for cloud, AI, IP, UHD, AR/VR and blockchain.

Partnerships have grown in importance with major media companies like the BBC, Discovery, ITV and ProSieben.Sat 1 having partnered to launch joint streaming services and match the financial firepower, content investment and reach of new media and big tech companies.

Viacom-owned Paramount has instead taken Netflix’s side when it signed an exclusive deal with the streaming giant in 2018.

In advertising, similar partnerships have sprung up to combat the digital dominance of Google and Facebook. These alliances are shaping the future of the broadcast and media industry, a future in which scale and collaboration are key.

Buyers have now a front row seat in future technology development, driving roadmaps along with suppliers. Increased consolidation on the demand side of the media technology business and the move towards software – which has spurred the transition to ongoing relationships between buyers and suppliers - have strengthened this trend.

New focus
According to the IABM, Velocity is the new focus of media companies and a consequence of digital warfare and inflation. Consumers’ expectations have shifted forever towards online consumption of media fuelled by its convenience and their growing impatience.

Increased efficiency is being achieved through the automation of some workflows and the deployment of disrupting emerging technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Printed copies will be available for attendees to IABM’s NAB events:

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