Cloud Computing

  • Aspera whitepaper index 3x2

    Automated media workflows in the cloud

    2019-08-07T13:22:00Z Brought to you by

    Join IBC365 and IBM Aspera on Tuesday 3 September at 3:30pm BST to explore how, as a complement to the scale and efficiency of high-volume cloud-based IT operations, process automation can greatly streamline media workflows.

  • IBC2018 IABM Breakfast Peter White

    IABM launches tech and trends roadmap


    IABM today unveiled a customised blueprint for common understanding and collaboration for the broadcast, media and entertainment industry.  

  • Raspberry Pi

    New Raspberry Pi comes with 4K output


    The new Raspberry Pi single-board computer is being aimed at the media industry with the inclusion of two micro-HDMI ports and 4K video output at 60 frames per second.

  • cloud

    Transforming creativity in the cloud


    Moving to the cloud can involve a “leap of faith” but increased flexibility and improved security have enabled new ways of collaborating and creating content. 

  • cloud start up
    Industry Trends

    Advice for cloud start-ups


    In part two of an IBC365 series on cloud adoption, companies that have launched cloud products offer their top tips for how best to bring an idea from the drawing board to the market.

  • plane above clouds cloud
    Industry Trends

    Journeying into the cloud


    In the first of a two-part series on cloud adoption, IBC365 looks at how vendors of varying size and age such as Scality, Signiant, Deluxe, M2A Media and Meta have rolled out cloud solutions for the industry.

  • Adde Granberg cloud video index

    Video: How Sweden's SVT has adopted the cloud


    SVT CTO Adde Granberg speaks about how the Swedish public service broadcaster is using the cloud and the barriers to adopting remote production.

  • Riikka Koponen
    Industry Trends

    Media & the cloud: An overview of adoption


    When looking at the use of cloud through the lens of the IABM’s BaM Content Chain, each element of the content supply chain has a wide range of deployments and use cases – and the speed of adoption is increasing. 

  • Lorenzo Zanni, to what extent media firms embraced cloud

    Video: To what extent have media firms embraced the cloud?


    From the emergence of niche providers of specialist applications to a shift in business models as vendors content with the move from capex to opex, the adoption of the cloud has far-reaching implications. 

  • Nab 2018 expo open
    Industry Trends

    From the cloud to 5G: NAB 2019 in review


    From the creation of content in the cloud to the delivery of content to mobile devices, NAB 2019 was awash with innovation that suggests an even closer relationship between the media and telco industries.