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  • SCTE Tackling the telco net zero challenge

    SCTE: Tackling the telco net zero challenge


    IBC2023: As an industry, we must contribute to each of the actionable fields of the Avoid, Reduce, Substitute, (and offset) Triangle. The general assumption is that investments are expensive and do not pay off financially however the opposite could be the case. During this seminar, you’ll hear 3 highly technical ...

  • 3. Film London Launches Renewable Energy Pilot

    Film London Launches Renewable Energy Pilot


    Film London has officially launched the Grid Project, a pilot programme to supply renewable energy to productions in the capital.

  • Technical papers: Energy-efficiency

    Technical papers: Energy-efficiency for a more sustainable future


    IBC2022: Whether it is in production, transmission or in personal viewing, media companies are employing technological advances to reduce their consumption of energy as they strive to meet their zero-carbon targets. This informative and entertaining session examines three very distinct approaches towards this objective: The first, by a major ...