Being a content-centric media company is not enough to thrive in today’s environment, Globo’s Chief Technology Officer Raymundo Barros told the IBC2022 Conference as he revealed how the largest broadcaster in South America is transforming itself into a fully-fledged media tech firm.

In 2019, Globo made the decision to bring its various platforms – including a pay-TV and free-to-air television service – together under one banner. Barros explained how streamlining operations has allowed the company to invest in new strategies, new business models and embark on an ambitious culture transformation programme.

“This whole process of integration was just the first step,” said Barros. “We then launched a brand-new strategy to become a direct-to-consumer company – a strategy that also relies on us becoming a media tech.

“So, we are investing heavily in technology and data in keeping with our DNA, which of course is content. The combination of data technology and premium content is what is making us strong in this very competitive landscape.”

Barros cited two main initiatives in this new strategy, the first being Globo’s direct to consumer SVOD service Globoplay, which launched in 2015 and is now the second-largest streaming platform in Brazil after Netflix. The second initiative is adtech – Barros highlighted the importance of Globo’s need to become an adtech company in order for it to stay competitive.

He added: “As part of the transformation of our operating model, we’re also building a common platform to leverage not only the additional products and advertising, but also the content production. Agility, innovation and scale is mandatory in this process.”

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