IBC has formed a collaboration with the TM Forum to drive innovation between the media and telecoms industries.


IBC and TM Forum: Industry partnership

The TM Forum is a non-profit industry association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications industry. It has over 850 member companies, including Vodafone, Telstra and Liberty Global. Its members generate US$2 trillion in revenue and serve five billion customers across 180 countries.

The arrangement between TM Forum and IBC will provide the opportunity for senior executives from both sectors to partner, as broadcasters, operators and software vendors work closer together across the media and telecoms industries. 

TM Forum Chief Executive Nik Willetts said: “Media is an increasingly important sector for our global membership as the boundaries between telecoms and media continue to blur.

”The digital age is changing the landscape for creation, distribution and consumption of media, and we believe that through industry collaboration we can drive a new wave of innovation and growth. We’re delighted to collaborate with IBC, and to extend the Catalyst model to explore the convergence of telecoms and broadcasting.”

The collaboration will focus on developing multi-company, rapid proof-of-concept Catalyst projects to be showcased at both flagship events with shared content and collaborative marketing association within the digital business transformations.  

For over ten years TM Forum has pioneered an open innovation Catalyst programme bringing technology companies and communication service providers together to solve pressing industry challenges. 

More than 120 companies took part in 25 Catalyst projects, with the results showcased at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World conference in Nice. 

“Through industry collaboration, we can drive a new wave of innovation and growth” - Nik Willetts 

Nik Willetts

TM Forum Chief Executive: Nik Willetts


michael crimp IBC CEO

IBC Chief Executive: Michael Crimp

IBC Chief Executive Michael Crimp said: “Viewers now have the ability to watch, share and even create content where and how they like, and telcos have played a key role in enabling this fundamental change.

”With the media and telecoms sectors more closely intertwined than ever before, it makes perfect sense for IBC and the TM Forum to collaborate and in doing so, we will ensure that both of our communities continue to advance together.

”As the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show, IBC has always been a showcase for the latest innovation and this collaboration will help us remain at the cutting edge.”

Liberty Global joined TM Forum in 2007 as a corporate member to enhance its operations as the leading international TV and broadband company in 12 European countries.

Liberty Global Chief Information Officer Veenod Kurup said: ”We are always on the look-out for innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience as the telecoms and media industries increasingly converge.

”Therefore, I warmly welcome the new collaboration between IBC and TM Forum and look forward to the fruits of the new Catalyst programme as it promises to address some of the most pressing industry issues we face today.”