Software provider 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) partnered with automotive infotainment solutions specialist provider P3 to build an in-car infotainment system for in-car displays built on Google’s Android Automotive OS.

Adnan Ertural, head of automotive at 3SS, said: “Consumers have more free time in the car today; being on the road is no longer a barrier to doing something productive or fun. They have the option of checking out the latest news headlines, they might watch a movie, make video phone calls, play games, or catch up on work.”

3SS and P3 team for Android OS in-car infotainment

3SS and P3 have partnered up to build an in-car infotainment system

The joint product is targeted at car manufacturers, telcos and video service providers.

Meanwhile, Android Automotive is said to be on the road to becoming the dominant OS in the automotive space. According to S&P Global, Android Automotive will make the sharpest rise in the infotainment system space in the next five years, capturing around 18% market share by 2027.