AETA Audio Systems has appointed Aret Video and Audio Engineering and Ibertel Telecom as new distributors in Italy and Spain respectively.

Milan-based Aret, a systems integrator and distributor founded some 40 years ago, boasts expertise in radio and TV production and post production IP infrastructures. Madrid-based Ibertel Telecom specialises in turnkey radio and TV installations, as well as providing maintenance services for equipment installed in its centres or customer sites.

Aret and Ibertel are both representing AETA’s entire product range in their individual southern European nations with each managing distribution, installation, training and after-sales support.


Aret and Ibertel will represent AETA’s entire product range.

To prepare Aret and Ibertel for their new tasks, AETA has provided intensive training to the companies.

Vonarburg added: “These partnerships are a coherent way to increase AETA’s brand visibility and product availability across southern Europe. Thanks to our collaboration, we’re now able to offer our advanced technology to Italian and Spanish broadcasters, as well as to provide access to a fast and experienced technical team for training and support.”