French broadcast service provider AMP Visual TV has completed a major upgrade of its live production infrastructure with the latest LiveCeption Signature solution by EVS.

As part of the EVS solution, a dozen XT-VIA servers have been acquired for deployment across AMP’s fleet of 30+ OB trucks for premium sports productions and in its 20+ connected studio facilities where some of the most popular entertainment shows in France are produced.

In addition to the servers, AMP Visual has acquired 24 LSM-VIA remote control units allowing operators to access the content from the XT-VIA servers and create instant replays and highlights of the highest production standard.


A dozen XT-VIA servers have been deployed across AMP’s OB fleet

François Valadoux, executive vice president, CTO of AMP Visual TV, commented: “EVS’ XT-VIA servers are a reference in the marketplace for high-profile events and, as a result, are required by many of our customers. The new LSM-VIA replay systems are also fast becoming the new standard for primetime sports productions, so it was essential for us to invest in these latest technologies.”

Built on EVS’ VIA platform of modular services and workflow engines, the new solution provides AMP Visual with the flexibility and scalability to respond to any future requirement, including the possibility to roll out workflows for remote production when needed.

Moreover, the XT-VIA servers - which offer interchangeable SDI/IP connectivity and support for all the latest formats and codecs - can be used across AMP’s entire fleet of OBs as well as its numerous studios, providing the same EVS solution for all sports and entertainment productions. AMP can also move the servers around from one environment to another upon customer demand without having to worry about damage or reconfiguration issues.

As for the new LSM-VIA systems, operators will use them to create replays and highlights.
“We are delighted our long-standing customer AMP Visual TV has chosen EVS for this upgrade as it reinforces our reputation of being the technology provider of choice for their high-end live productions,” said Nicolas Bourdon, chief marketing officer at EVS. “Thanks to the modularity of our VIA technology, it will be much easier for AMP Visual to roll out exciting new technological innovations and deliver higher value to its customers in the future.”

Valadoux said: “Our customers naturally expect us to provide them with the best equipment out there to handle their major TV broadcasts and knowing their productions are run with EVS’ no-fail technology and best in class solutions gives us peace of mind.”