Spain’s Banco Mediolanum, part of the Mediolanum Group, now counts on an on-cloud central content repository that allows remote publication in its customised streaming platform thanks to VSNExplorer technology.

Since 2003, Banco Mediolanum has had an internal and exclusive corporate TV service, BMedTV, to inform, train and share the experiences of its more than 1,400 family bankers, the financial advisors of the company.


Managers can now ingest, catalogue, preview and publish content directly in the platform

Now, with the solution provided by VSN, the offering goes beyond the provision of a streaming service and amplifies its functionalities with the on-cloud implementation of VSNExplorer MAM. Thanks to content management software from VSN, the system’s managers can ingest, catalogue, preview and publish their content directly in the platform in a centralised way.

The VSN solution also provides the necessary flexibility to match Banco Mediolanum’s content and availability needs, thanks to its 100% on cloud implementation, software as a service (SaaS) contracting and data centre outsourcing. These features allow remote access to VSNExplorer MAM from multiple devices, without worrying about equipment or server maintenance.

“VSN’s cloud-based digital management service allows the different corporate communication areas of Banco Mediolanum to centralise their content and automate the flow of media to the corporate OTT,” said Aitor Falcó, sales manager, EMEA at the bank.