Streaming technology company Bedrock announced two projects that helped expand the reach of two European streaming providers.

In France, it extended the ad-free streaming service 6play max to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and LG connected TVs. The announcement comes a few months after 6play max was launched on web, mobile, Android TV, and Samsung smart TVs. 6play is now able to reach its 25 million active users on almost the entire OTT installed base in France.

8. Bedrock supports 6play max and Videoland

Bedrock’s two new projects help expand the reach of two European streaming providers

In the Netherlands, meanwhile, the vendor migrated over one million RTL Netherlands’ Videoland subscribers to Bedrock’s latest streaming platform. Videoland is now available on more than 20 devices, including a range of smart TVs, game consoles and mobile devices.

Bedrock was formed in early 2020 as a joint venture between M6 Group and RTL Group (part of Bertelsmann).