Video streaming backend specialist Axinom and Better Software Group (BSG), a Polish enterprise that specialises in front-end video solutions and integration services, have formally announced the integration of Axinom Mosaic into BSG’s OTT platform.

BSG said the strategic collaboration will enable it to further enhance the capabilities of its frontends and applications.


Axinom Mosaic and BSG have announced the integration of Axinom Mosaic into BSG’s OTT platform

Axinom Mosaic uses a modular, API-driven architecture, supported by documentation and technology including GraphQL and RabbitMQ. Its architecture is scalable and facilitates customisation, granting frontend applications access to metadata and content via Mosaic’s suite of APIs.

Krzysztof Musial, head of technology at BSG, said: “At Better Software Group, our unwavering commitment to technical excellence drives us to continuously enhance user experiences and redefine the possibilities of video-on-demand. Integrating Axinom Mosaic felt like a no-brainer from the start. With this integration, we can offer a more accessible and richer experience towards a better user experience.”