Better Software Group and Evergent announced a new partnership that is designed to enhance customer experiences across the digital media and entertainment landscape.

The strategic partnership aims to “deliver superior customer relationship management and user experiences for streaming and digital subscription businesses worldwide”.

Bart Lozia

Bart Lozia

The partners plan to combine Better Software Group’s platform, Better Media Suite, with Evergent’s software portfolio, including the Evergent Monetisation Platform, Evergent Revenue & Royalty Management, Evergent Captivate Product Suite, and EvergentGo.

The expectation is that the combination of the products will enable both companies to deliver flexible and robust solutions to support demanding customer requirements.

Bart Lozia, CEO of Better Software Group, said: “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Evergent. Our shared vision of enhancing customer experiences aligns perfectly, and together, we are ready to pioneer new standards of excellence in the streaming and digital subscription industries. Current and future customers can anticipate a convergence of innovation and convenience like never before. We are excited about the perfect synergy this partnership creates.”

Evergent’s CRM tools will also be deployed to provide end users with engaging and personalised interactions with content.

Vijay Sajja, founder and CEO of Evergent, added: “Media and entertainment organisations need to maximise monetisation and reduce friction throughout the entire user journey to future-proof customer management. It’s also more important than ever for companies to build deeper connections to their customers via data-driven subscriber management strategies. Our partnership with Better Software Group helps global streaming and digital subscription businesses design seamless and intuitive customer experiences to drive retention and revenue generation.”