Video streaming infrastructure specialist Bitmovin launched Eco Mode, a new feature for the Bitmovin Player that is designed to enable a more ecological streaming performance.

Eco Mode is a product of project GAIA, a two-year research partnership between Bitmovin and the University of Klagenfurt in Austria. It essentially optimises video quality to reduce the amount of transmitted bits, thereby reducing the resulting CO2 emissions.


Stefan Lederer, Bitmovin

Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin, said: “Sustainability has become the top priority for media companies of every size and reducing video streaming bandwidth is a practical and effective energy management strategy. Video streaming has grown exponentially in recent years, and while it has positively impacted everything from entertainment to education, we must strive to make it more climate-friendly. Launching Eco Mode in the Bitmovin Player will help our customers reduce carbon emissions without negatively impacting the viewing experience.”